About this site Intellectual Romanticist

This is my personal website and I decided to call it Intellectual Romanticist.
Why? Because this site is about me.
And that is my title.

I created this blog to share my thoughts .
Blogging is such a creative hobby for some people.
No, I am not a born writer,  but I master everything I do,
and that is enough motivation for me to create this blog.

I will share nice videos and may be some movie reviews of my own.
I will update this blog at least twice a week.

There will also be a section of my recommended self-improvement products.
The kind of products that will make someone an Intellectual Romanticist.


About the title Intellectual Romanticist

I coined the term ‘Intellectual Romanticist’ because of all the negative connotations of the word ‘nerd’.

Instead of associating any of the words genius, geek or nerd,
which are short words, I decided to coin my own term.
I could have used ‘Intellectual Badass’,
a term I stumbled upon two or three years ago,
but that wouldn’t be my invention anymore.

I need something that is unique.
Something no one else thought of, one that I can call my brainchild.
A title that will remind people of my existence.
Something that will leave my legacy beyond time.
And that’s when I coined “Intellectual Romanticist”.

The term ‘Romanticist’ was something I coined
in the last quarter of 2003 during my computer games addiction phase.
It came from the word ‘romantic’ obviously plus the popular suffix I derived from one of my aliases “Strategist”.
It, kind of, sounded absurd at first because ‘romantic’
already refers to a person and I still added the suffix thing.

I have been in love with intelligence, knowledge and wisdom
since I care to remember so the term ‘Romanticist’
would very much apply to the essence of my personality.



I Google’d Intellectual Romanticist a few times and I got no result.
I checked  the result and the term was not in any of those sites.
Check it here: Google Result.

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